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The Family Services department at Scottish Rite Hospital supports patients and their families while they are patients of the hospital. Family Services includes:
  • Medical social work for resources and referrals
  • Language interpretation and translation services
  • Coordination of off-site medical services
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Our Services

The social workers at Scottish Rite Hospital focus on the well-being of patients and their families. As families find ways to work with the challenges of their child’s diagnosis and special needs, the social workers help in many ways, such as:
  • Providing emotional support and empathy.
  • Locating a variety of services, including supportive counseling, lodging and transportation assistance, discharge planning, and referrals to community resources and programs.
  • Serving as advocates and liaisons to help reduce stress and eliminate barriers that families are experiencing.
  • Offering support, comfort and resources so parents can focus on what truly matters: their child.

The medical interpreters and translators at Scottish Rite Hospital provide verbal interpretation (in Spanish) and written translations (in Spanish) to ensure that families and the medical team are able to communicate effectively. This staff also coordinates with outside agencies to ensure patients and families with limited English proficiency have access to the necessary interpretation and/or translation services.

The medical consult coordinators at Scottish Rite Hospital help schedule off-site medical exams, tests and evaluations specific to the patient’s treatment plan that are not available at Scottish Rite Hospital. The coordinator’s role is to:
  • Provide patient families with appropriate information regarding patient preparation for outside appointments, including collaboration with the family’s primary care physicians, follow-up instructions and directions to off-site facilities.
  • Work closely with the medical team and the patient’s family to ensure service delivery.

Additional Resources

For more information on Patient/Family Rights and Responsibilities or our Program Accessibility/Usability by Disabled Persons policy, download the following PDFs.