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Sports Concussion – What you need to know
Our sports medicine experts have tips for what you should do if a young athlete gets a concussion.
FOX 4: Study finds concussion concerns for girls
All things are not equal when it comes to sports concussions. Dr. Shane Miller practices sports medicine at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He said f...
Concussion Recommendations for Your Young Athlete This Spring
Our sports medicine physicians’ research on concussions can help to guide you and your young athlete during their spring sport season.
A Look at New Findings in Concussion Research
At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, we believe that sharing our research will help to prevent injuries in young athletes. Our team is committed to lea...
#SRHaccess Facebook Live Recap: Concussions
On this week’s Facebook live, staff physician of the Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine, Shane M. Miller, M.D. joined us to discuss sports-related concuss...
Tips for Improving Sleep Quality in Young Athletes
It is well known that sleep plays a key role in everyday life and human functioning. Healthy sleep patterns are important for physical health, mental health, an...
DFWChild: Concussions and Kids – What You Need to Know Now
Concussions are an alarmingly commonplace sports injury. Learn more about the symptoms, treatments and how you can prevent future athletic injuries like concuss...
Let’s Talk Concussions
Scottish Rite Hospital experts often share their research findings and experiences. For example, our pediatric sports medicine physician Shane M. Miller, M.D.,...
Shane M. Miller
Shane M. Miller, M.D., is a staff physician at the hospital's Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine in Plano.
Athletic Trainers and Baseline Testing – Sports Medicine
The Sports Medicine team at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children utilizes the help of athletic trainers to provide preseason baseline training.